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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Brent Libraries

Yet another anonymous blogger has asked for a comment on Brent's Libraries Transformation Project in the light of the CIPFA figures.  In fact I provided an extensive set of opinions based on more up to date figures already.  I also provided a brief comment on the CIPFA  figures here.

Perhaps any would be anonymous commentator might think of leaving their name next time?


Unknown said...

Hello! Found your blog and just wanted to share mine... Many Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to irritate you James with 'would be annonymous-ness' but prefer not to make the blog response 'personal' (so that you might be able to focus on the question sometimes asked rather than possible personal attack).

You have actually NOT responded to latest CIPFA report.

What about 'engaging with communities' and overall poor showing compared to other London boroughs? And no waffling (justification)about the Transformation project etc etc

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