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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Waste Figures in Brent

A commentator has asked about recycling definitions.  The definitions used by Brent are the same as those used by other local authorities.  This is a good idea, as it makes comparison straightforward.


I don't know what the below commentator is referring to, as I have published all recent comments.  Of course, if people sign their comments it would be easier to trace them and see if they have been published.


Anonymous said...

So what is that definition, then?

Anonymous said...

I see that you're still having problems with publishing my opinion then, no doubt, you'll be telling us how much you're in favour of free speech and what a great democrat you are! LOL!! Remind me not to peuke!!

Anonymous said...

Never mind that second Anonymous.

What's the answer to the first Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Recycling rates would probably improve, if we received greater co-operation, and a more helpful attitude from the council officers concerned. This is it and no, clearly it wasn't published before.

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