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Monday, 21 January 2013

Zoned Collections in Harlesden?

I bumped into two members of the Harlesden Town Team on Saturday, and mentioned a trip I made recently to Green Lanes in Haringey.  Over there they have a time limited collection twice a day.  In other words, you put waste out between 7.30am and 9pm or at a later slot in the evening.

The street seems much cleaner than Harlesden Town Centre, and I am wondering whether such a system could work over here. 

I can see that it would need a lot of enforcement resource, and the waste people I spoke emphasissed the importance of community support and peer pressure.  Haringey is also different in that they have a more homogenous community of mainly Turkish Cypriots in their area.


Anonymous said...

People also put their domestic rubbish in litter bins in Harlesden, including near Harlesden station.

There is no room for anything else!

REACH RA said...

Dear James,

I write in my capacity of co-chair of REACH RA ie Residents for a Cleaner Harlesden Residents’ Association.

I really think that this is the only way forward if Brent Council cannot provide wheelie bins for general refuse to local residents such as the ones living above shop premises on Park Parade in Harlesden.

I agree with you that it does mean a lot of enforcement, but when you think of it, Brent Council is spending so much money to clear the streets of the rubbish all day long, they might as well put these resources into enforcing the law.

For info, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, "people who carelessly discard litter in a public open space are committing and offence and can be sectioned under section 87 for Offence of leaving litter", it's very simple. I have informed the Head of Waste of Recycling of this many times.

I hope you can help me convincing him that this is the only way forward if we want to have clean streets.

REACH RA (Residents for a Cleaner Harlesden Residents’ Association)

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