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Monday, 7 January 2013

Green Charter Reviewed

I have one report at Brent's next Executive, but it is a wide ranging one.  It reviews all the progress on Brent Council's green charter. This covers a whole gamut of activities, and I am glad to say there has been substantial progress on cutting carbon emissions, promoting food growing, promoting Fairtrade, improving air quality, encouraging the sustainable use of water, reducing and recycling waste, supporting animal welfare and supporting biodiversity.  All of this when the financial problems of Brent Council are far greater than at any point in the Borough's history.


Anonymous said...

What definition does Brent (or the WLWA) use for "recycled material", please?

Is it what people put in recycling, or what the processors choose to recycle, perhaps sending some of the waste stream back into residual waste?

Anonymous said...

Recycling would be much more successful, if it were done within a spirit of more co-operativeness and helpfulness from the council officers involved!

Anonymous said...

Ask what the proportion of contaminants and rejects are. That ought to be illuminating.

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