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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Eric Pickles' Folly

Eric Pickles sheer folly is once again emphasised in some figures sent to me recently.  Nine out of ten of the Uk's most successful waste authorities use alternate weekly collections, which Labour have introduced in Brent.  Eight of the bottom ten authorities continue with weekly collections.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes you keep telling us this Cllr Powney BUT please tell us how much of the Brent recycling is contaminated?
Every week I see the Blue bins full of Rubbish because people just use them like a normal weekly bin collection.
I thought you said you were going to educate people about recycling, well it doesn't look like you have done this.
After the first few weeks of yellow stickers you have done NOTHING to stop the contamination.
Brent really has weekly bin collections for some but you will never admit this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, re: weekly bin collections; who're the privileged few? I'd like to join them!! lol!!

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