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Sunday, 20 January 2013

More on Brent Gritting

More snow is expected today, and I have just had an update on street gritting.  I understand the "priority network" of main roads was gritted last night and it is being gritted again today.  Brent Council cannot grit every road, but it does the major ones and a few in hilly areas.  I understand that because of heavy parking there were a small number of roads in hilly areas where the glitters could not progress.

All the Borough's grit bins were full on Friday, and will be replenished on Monday.  Pavements in town centres have been gritted to give room to walk, although not fully cleared.


Anonymous said...

No complaints about gritting.

My (minor) road has a slope. Quite reasonably, the road has not been done - but the pavements on the slope HAVE been. That is for the first time in 30 years!

Anonymous said...

Where I certainly don't expect every road to be gritted, I think that the heavy traffic routes to schools should definitely be a priority. If access to schools is easier, that would surely lead to fewer accidents, fewer schools closing, etc!

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